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Kalvin Gan

Kalvin Gan

Kalvin Gan


Some cultures tell fortunes with tea leaves, TEASPEC tells stories. Each of their teas have a tale to spin – a history and provenance.

Kalvin Gan is an award-winning interior designer with over 15 years of experience who loves working on diverse projects, both residential and commercial.

They want to spread these stories and acquaint the world with reliable information and products so that the world understand their quality and the passion they have for tea.

TEASPEC is not a tea merchant. They are avid collectors and advocates of Pu’er tea. They teas are aged in Malaysia because it is widely acknowledged that Malaysian aged Pu’er is more sought after over Pu’er stored in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan or elsewhere. This tea has matured like a much older vintage because it has been aged in Malaysia under the most ideal natural environment.

(visit this url http://teaspec.com/v1 for the first website we did before they switching to eCommerce)

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