The Legend of Nine Creeks

Setia Eco Templer offers more than just living for the whole family be it relaxing pursuits and nature activities, modern security systems, convenient amenities or easy accesibility.

Setia Eco Templer

Discover an enchanting mixed development concept combining the essence of nature and modern lifestyles. Multiple living choices await you amidst gentle creeks, pristine flower gardens, ponds, a bird heaven and more. Choose from English, Balinese or Peranakan inspired architectural designs, each with its won distinct landscaped themes.

P/S:The design of Setia Eco Templer current website was using mock up design (option 2). I’ve been ordered to stop the design in the middle stage of designing as they said they will doing in-house design and development.

Mock Up Design (Option 1)

web design for setia eco templers - option 1

Mock Up Design (Option 2)

web design for setia eco templers - option 2

A Breakdown of What We Did

Web Design

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