Safe Box Servicing and Repair

Self established company since 2014, and the goal of AS Bhatt is to ensure all our respective customer gets the satisfactory outcome out of the service request they put through with us.

AS Bhatt Enterprise

Company core business focus is mainly servicing, repairing, maintenance and refurbishments of all kind of safe boxes (CHUBB, MPEM, LION, FALCON,APS and etc). The current radius of service coverage is within peninsular Malaysia (Semenanjung Malaysia).

They have resources with 30 years of experience and very much speacialized on safe box servicing, repairs, maintenance and refurbishments that comes along with efficiency, reliability, affordability with the right service outcome which we guaranteed!

Furthermore, they will always continue delighting their customers with the right expectations and by them providing on-time services with reliability guaranteed, they look to strengthen the business operations together with their clients and customers.

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